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First... if you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer push your F11 key so that you are viewing a FULL SCREEN to search for listings. This will allow you to see more of the Internet pages you are searching and it will be easier for you to examine the listings you locate. You can use F11 on the MIE to toggle back and forth between a FULL SCREEN and a normal screen.

If you are searching for real estate and homes in Orange County California, we offer an easy to use format from our main index. You will know that you are in "frames" when there is a vertical index with yellow border to the left . Click in this link CLICK HERE to go to our main site. From our main site you will be able to search all major real estate search engines that cover Orange County California.

TIP: Try homeseekers and Yahoo first!

The most up-to-date search engine is the MLS or multiple listing service. Real estate agents and brokers place and search listings on the MLS from their office or home computer. A listing that is placed in the MLS goes on in "real time" which is instantly.

Unfortunately, the companies that provide listings for you on the Internet obtain them from our MLS system. The listings that you are able to search are not as up-to-date as our listings that we can instantly obtain from the MLS.

It a great feature that you can now browse through the listings on the net.... however there are a few problems you will encounter. Here are some items of interest and also some tips to use while home searching on the internet home listing search engines:

Of Interest...

  • All of the home listing search engines obtain their home listings from the same place... the MLS. The MLS or Multiple Listing Service is the central depository and database for real estate agent's listings.

  • Although all of the engines obtain their listings from the same place we have noticed that listings will be missing and any one engine will not have all the listings -- we don't know why. If it is on one it should be on the rest because we can not pick and choose which to display the listings.

  • We can however choose whether to place a listing on the internet or not. Some agents prefer not to place their homes on the internet. Because of this, the only way you will get all of the homes in your target area is to use an agent to search for them on the MLS.

  • It takes about a half hour to prepare the listing form correctly. Many agents do not do a good job of filling in the listing form that goes into the MLS. If an agent does not fill in the form correctly and completely you may not find that perfect home listing when you search for it. We have found that this is common and unfortunately it is more likely to find listings that are filled incorrectly than correctly. Often the agent will leave out the age, square footage, lot size etc. Often they will add items that are not there such as a den, if the home has a family room or bonus room they may call it a den or they may list the home as having all the rooms where in fact it only has one of them. The bottom line here is that unless you perform a very wide search you will most likely miss many of the homes... and possibly miss the perfect home for you. And secondly you won't be sure what you have found until you actually see it.

  • Don't get your heart set on anything that you see on the search engines because it may not be available by the time you find it! We have found that generally the search engines are somewhat out of date. The listings are not in real time and have to be down loaded from the various MLS companies. To you this means that anything you find could be sold or off the market.. if you want the most up-to-date information call All Cities Realty or use the link below to email us... we will gladly help you find the home you are seeking and send you the latest listings by email.

Internet Home Search Tips..

  • Because of what we have related to you above, the most important tip is to determine the minimum criteria you are looking for in a home. Implement a search based on that criteria and whatever you come up with that has more than your basic search criteria is a bonus. When we search for homes for a client we might search all three bedroom homes in a particular neighborhood and look at the listings one by one... this is the most accurate method to see if a particular home is available. If we depended on all the listings being input correctly we would have missed many homes we have found for our clients.

  • Search on at least two of the search engines such as Homeseekers and Cyberhomes. This will make sure that you are going to obtain most of the currently active listings.

Good luck in your home finding quest and if you decide you would like accurate up-to-date listings by email or would like to inspect some of the homes you find please send us and email or give us a call... remember.. we're All Cities Realty and "We make real estate... real easy!"

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List of property types... 

We can help you with residential real estate and properties in Southern California. Residential real estate such as a: home, condominium, brand new home, tract home, ocean front home, ocean view homes, bay front home, bay view home, water front home, million dollar home or estate, mountain home, vacation home, view home, ranch, etc. 

We can help you with residential investment real estate and properties in Southern California. Residential investment real estate such as a: duplex, triplex, fourplex, apartment complex, residential care facility, hotel, motel, units, bed and breakfast, etc. 

We can help you with commercial investment real estate and properties in Southern California. Commercial investment real estate such as a: commercial building, office building, strip center, mini mall, liquor store, lumber yard, retail store, R & D building, and just about any commercial property you wish to purchase. 

We can help you with industrial investment real estate and properties in Southern California. Industrial investment real estate such as a: warehouse, manufacturing facility, storage facility, industrial building, mini storage complex, etc. 

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